Monday, August 11, 2014

We, in unison, testified boldly of the Lord Jesus Christ 2014 08 11

Aug. 11, 2014

Hi there,

     I won't try to summarize everything I missed, but I would like to bring you all up to speed on what has happened recently.  Elder Kerr and I have been busy spreading the Spirit of the Lord all over Cape Cod.  We were teaching many people and preparing them for baptism while they were here for their short summer stay.  We, in unison, testified boldly of the Lord Jesus Christ and his gospel that we might bring them to know of the plan the Father has in store for them.  We saw our small Branch grow in the spirit and we became a crucial part of the workings in the Branch even to the point that they were going to give us callings.  But the Lord had a different plan in mind.

     It started with a call from President Packard (our mission President). He said, "Elders it is time for the dream companionship to come to an end.  Elder Kerr, the Lord has called you to be a Zone Leader in the Boston Massachusetts Mission and Elder Erb, the Lord has called you to be a trainer.  We thank you for the work that you have been doing out there on the Cape."  And so the Elder Kerrb team, as the members of the Brewster Branch called us, was put to an end.  Then there were a lot of goodbyes with all of those that we were teaching. The end of all the goodbyes was our own goodbye where we did what all good companionships should do to bond together - make crêpes.

     Enough about Elder Kerr though, my new companion is a very motivated and hardworking missionary fresh out of Utah.  Hopefully, as time goes on I will have some stories to tell you about him but seeing as we have been together for only a couple of weeks there is not much to talk about yet.  He says that as a new missionary, he has been having a lot of firsts.  I try not to think about the fact that all of his firsts are many of my lasts.  It came to my realization how long I had been out when I watched the Elder that trained me go home.  For now, that is all I've got time to write - until next time.

Elder Erb

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