Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jun 4, 2013


Hi family and friends,

     It’s transfer week again and I'm sorry to say that our zebra companionship of awesomeness is now coming to an end.  ElderB... is going to be serving in
Charlestown Massachusetts in the area where the movie "The Town" is about.  For those that are counting, this is my 3rd companion that has left in the past 3 months.  The reason I bring this up is because all the members are thinking that I'm way too tough on my companions and they keep having to get traded out for new ones.:D
     Last week I mentioned how we are working with a less active family named the G...s to help them with home teaching.  Since then tons of less active people have been moved into our path to the point where you could say that the Lord is throwing them at us.  The other day we were going about doing missionary stuff and we get a call.  The call is from an inactive member named T... who we have never met before asking us if we want to go eat with him sometime.  We, being eager and hungry missionaries, jumped at this opportunity to both be fed and to meet with this inactive member.  T... is an awesome guy who is in his mid 20's.  He is one of those people who would give you the shirt off his back if you asked for it.  He told us that it is time for him to start coming back to church and that he would like to take us golfing on one of our "P" days.  After we warned him that we were not good at golf, he reassured us that it was ok because he is bad at golf too.
     Another example of people being thrown into our path recently is the less active recent convert that we waited outside the door for about 3 weeks ago for 30 minutes.  As I explained, it was one of those times when everything went right until the very end when we ended up not seeing her.  Since then we have gone to see her about 4 times without being able the find her at the appointments we had set.  On our last attempt we went back with the member that we had brought and were talking about things and then all of a sudden he says that he should call a Sister in an area nearby to say goodbye.  This was because he remembered he did not have this sister's number after she got transferred and that she was going home soon.  Eventually we got ahold of her and they started talking and it came up that we had just come back from trying to meet with Sister M..., the less active, with no success.  And then a miracle happened, the Sister we had called was the Sister that led Sister M... to the gospel.  She then asked us for her number and made an appointment with Sister M... for us and the Sisters to meet her together tomorrow.  This time we did get to meet with Sister M... and she was happy to see us and she wants our help in bringing her back to church.
     Well I am running out of time to write but I thank you all for keeping me, and the other missionaries in your prayers.

Elder Erb

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