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July 17, 2013

Wed. July 17, 2013

Hello there,
     So I want to start off with saying that I am sorry for not sending out a message last week.  There is a funny story behind that too.  So we were told by our Mission President to start emailing in the family history centers during P'day.  He told us to do this so that we could be next to our companions and protect them while they are online.  So we got the keys so that we could go do it and everything was going good until we locked the keys inside the church right before we started emailing.  We were unable to get back into the church until after P'day ended at 6:00.
     To make up for my lack of an email last week, I will be talking this week about stuff from both weeks.  To start off with I want to talk about my companion a little more.  So I haven't talked much about him yet so far because I was worried that he was just going to be transferred because of my recent record of keeping companions no longer than a transfer.  So his name for a quick recap is Elder G....  Elder G... is super funny and I say this mostly because he is a huge nerd.  I don't feel bad saying this though because he is very proud of his nerdiness and it has come in handy on a couple of occasions.  An example of this was this week when we went with a member to help an older woman "fix" her computer.  I say "fix" because the main problem was that it was not plugged in.  Well after we pretty much rearranged her entire living room trying to get the computer to an outlet we hit another problem.  There was a password on the account.  We asked her if she knew what the password was and she said "A what?"  We took that as a “no” and Elder G... turned to me and asked "Do you think it is alright if I hack into this account?"  Well we fixed her computer and everyone lived happily ever after.  We had a good laugh about it later.  I am glad to say that Elder G... will be staying for at least another transfer, so there will probably be more stories to match this one.
     While I am talking about cool stuff that we have done, I think I mentioned last week that we have been fixing cars as part of our service.  Well it has mostly been one car in particular and it is a car that belongs to one of our members, Brother B....  So I wanted to talk about this because it is a miracle that we have worked on his car as many times as we have and it still functions.  Better than that, it is actually improving with each of our visits.  Now usually he just YouTubes what we should need to fix the problem and he tells us what to do.  We have been able to successfully fix Brother B...'s AC system, brake system, replaced the spark plugs in his engine, changed his battery, and have of course changed his oil and filter.  I remember that we gave up one of our P'days to finish working on his car and after about 4 hours we stepped back and noticed that we had taken out at least a third of the engine.  Then we rushed to get it back in when it started raining.  My companion and I believe that Brother B...'s car is like missionary cars, they all run on faith.
     I also wanted to talk a little about T....  Now it has been a while since I last talked about T... so I will refresh everyone's memory.  T... is the less-active member who called us up out of the blue one day and asked us if he could buy us something to eat.  Well T... then had to go to New Jersey because he had to serve his time for being in the reserves for the marines.  Well we saw him recently while we were hanging out with his family for the 4th of July.  Now a little something about T..., he is one of those people that is super social and makes anything funny.  We got to talking with him and then we decided that we should go golfing with him on P'day.  Now I don't know much about golfing but after that P'day I learned something about it.  You don't need to be good at golfing to have a fun time golfing.  So we went and T... brought a non-member friend named M... and it was a blast.  T... was the only good one out of the four of us.  T... for some reason could not grip his club very well and so it would always go flying out of his hand whenever he hit it.  And I had a hard time making contact with the ball.  Most of the time you could see a huge mound of dirt go flying after I hit.  To help M... get out her anger from not doing very well we would drive crazy all over the golf course collecting all of the balls that we hit the wrong way.  Elder G... and I determined that to be the best P'day of all time.
     Well before my email gets too long, I'm going to stop.  I will probably talk about some other things we did these past two weeks next week.  Thank you for your letters and packages and I hope that you all had a great 4th of July.

Elder Erb

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