Saturday, August 24, 2013

April 24, 2013

April 24, 2013

Hola family and friends,

     So nothing much has happened here.  You know except for a bomb going off and harming people in the Boston Race!  Luckily none of the missionaries got hurt even though there were many of them down there at the time, including our Mission President and some of his family.  You might be asking, "Well how did this affect you all the way down in Connecticut?"  We, along with the rest of the mission were assigned to stay inside and not do anything.  This was sad because we love doing missionary work, but we took advantage of the situation and decided that there is strength in numbers so we camped out at our zone leaders’ house for the day.  During our down time, I managed to read through the book of Alma, Heleman, and most of 3 Nephi.  I never realized how many hours there are in a day.
     I let transfers sneak up on me again.  I am not leaving, my companion is.  In his place I am going to be training a brand new missionary.  After I got over a couple of mixed feelings of astonishment, nervousness, and fright, I decided that I should let my father, or trainer, know that he was soon to be a grandfather.  I realized after being away from my trainer and with other missionaries that I was a very hard missionary to train.  It is similar to the feeling most people get when they have been away at college or on their own for a year and then realize how much their parents have done for them.  It is very fitting how we relate to one another in the church and on the mission by names that are found in the family.
     Oh yeah!  That reminds me, I'm officially old now that I'm 20.  I would like to thank everyone that remembered my birthday.  I say this because I almost forgot it myself and would have if the Sisters in our district didn't surprise me with a cake the day before the 12th.  For all those that were worried if the letters and packages got to me by the 12th, I will put your minds at ease by telling you that they did get to me, on the 13th.  It was actually really funny, because I didn't get any letters or anything the 12th, and then got 5 letters and 3 packages on the 13th.
     I thank you all for your prayers and thoughts toward me.  I am sorry that I do not have more to talk about this time.  I love you all and want you to know that this transfer I have learned more than anything else that putting your faith in the Lord will never let you down.

Elder Erb

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