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Jan 8, 2013

Jan 8, 2013
Dear family and friends,

     In terms of numbers, this week has not been very successful at all.  But we must have done something right because we got 4 investigators to come to fast and testimony meeting this Sunday.  Aside from this, two nonmembers showed up at church one of which bore his testimony.  Big things are happening in our ward and we are working really pushing member missionary work.  Missionary work is starting to make drastic changes since last General
 Conference and the new missionaries haven't even made it out here yet.
     So I met a couple of new people this week that I would like to talk about now.  One of which was probably the funniest and strangest member visit I have ever been too.  The member’s name is A... and as of last Tuesday he is 91 years old.  He has been unable to come to church because he can't really move very far now but he is still brought the sacrament and has an
 amazing testimony and spirit about him.  Now to explain why the visit was strange I have to start from the beginning.  Something about A.... that is important to know is that he is practically deaf, so with this in mind we just walked into his house without knocking or anything and walked over to him.  He then turned off his TV and greeted us.  For him to hear us at all we have to yell at him as loud as we can.  A.... talked about his life and the topic came up that he was a ward mission leader at one point in time.  He explained that he loved the missionaries and how he really enjoys it when we stop by because he doesn't really leave his house ever.  While we were there, his son and daughter-in law stopped by for a visit and we were able to share the scriptures better because they could talk louder than Elder Jones or I could.  I am glad I got to meet A.... Alexander and I hope to drop by to see him another day.
     This week a lot of people did not have work or school so we made a huge effort to hunt down less active families and tract.  In our tracting experience
 Elder Jones and I learned that there are some things that one should not say while tracting that I have taken some time to write down for anyone who is to be a missionary or is hoping to remember the good old days.  I hope you like them. :D

Things Not To Do While Tracting:

Knock Knock
Elders: Hi, we are missionaries with the Mormon church wondering if you would like to know more about what Mormons believe.
Person: Sorry, I'm (insert other religion here).
Elders: We're sorry too.

Knock Knock
Elders: Hi, we were going around asking people about their relationship with God.  How do you think God plays a role in your everyday life?
Person: Sorry, I'm atheist.
Elders: We can fix that.

Knock Knock
Elders: Hello.  Are you hungry?
Person: Ya, why?
Elders: Here feast upon the words of Christ.(give Book of Mormon here)

Knock Knock
Elders: Hi there!  Would you mind taking this card so you could go on our site to learn more about us?
Person: Yes.
Elders: You would?!  Well here you go!
Person: No, I said "yes I would mind."

Knock Knock
Elders: Hi, we are going around sharing a message about God's love for all of us, and how we should love one another and come to know our neighbor.
Person: Guys.... I'm in your ward!
Elders: Ha!  Good one, like we haven't heard that before.

Knock Knock
Elders: .....
Person: .....
Elders: .....
Person: Can I help you?
Elders: What do we do?  We've never gotten this far before!

Knock Knock
Elders: Beautiful day isn't it?  You know what could make it better?
Person: No, what?

Thank you and I hope that none of these door approaches will be you on your mission. :D

Elder Erb

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